Lewa Educational Union

Lewa Educational Union was established in 1916
 with the sole resolve of facilitating propagation of education among the local populace. To begin with the union established "Lewa Boarding House" for boys. Later the Hostel was converted into a women's hostel. This was done to attract & enable rural, predominantly educationally challenged womenfolk to have access to higher education at a district place. Looking back it can be safely said that the purpose has been satisfactorily served. Soon after, the union started opening of educational institutions for women at the place in a phased manner & as on date opportunities for education are available for women from K.G. to P.G. courses under one roof.

The various centres providing education on the campus are:

Management Council
The Union is committed to upliftment of women and is making sincere efforts on all fronts to keep inching forward in the resolved direction.